We have all had though days were everything just seems to go wrong. I want to share with you one particularly bad day.
From the time I woke up that morning I felt as if I could not move fast enough to complete everyone’s wants or as I thought of it demands. Family members wanting me to go here and there, do there shopping, and run other errands for them. Ninety-nine percent of the time I enjoy doing this. On this day however no one was giving me any slack and they were all speaking to me as if they were entitled to this service and I had to comply. It was late in the afternoon and I only had one more store to go to. It was the grocery store and I was going to pick up a few things for our household as well. With lists in my hands I grabbed a cart and took off. Speed walking through the isles getting the things I needed without slowing down much. In the back of my head I knew that I had to hurry because not only was the family waiting for their items, but my husband was waiting in the parking lot. Yes, He could have come in to help, but he didn’t and so be it
Moving down the chips isle at a high rate of speed catching things on the fly and throwing them in the cart I happened to look up, and that is when I saw him.
Near the end of the isle a little boy ( between the ages of 7 and 10 ) was standing there looking at me, as I got closer I slowed down . This is when he said “ma’am could you help me please?” I could not resist that face I said “sure, what can I do for you?” He replied ” Can you please get that bag of chips off the top shelf for me?” I pretty much knew which ones he wanted for there was only one bag that had a superhero on it. But, I asked anyway if that was the one he wanted. He shook his head yes. When I handed it to him he said “Thank you very much ma’am.”
I know that he did not understand why I told him thank you, but I had to. This young man made me stop and think. There are still people in this world that do appreciate the things you do for them. There are still people out there teaching their children manners. It took this proper and polite young man to make stop and put thing back into perspective again. I slowed down and finished the rest of my shopping trip with an internal calm and peace, and a smile on my face which had not been there all day.
When I have those bad days all I have to do is remember that young man, and how polite he was, and my smile comes back.
My wish for all of you is to be able to find something that makes you happy and peaceful. To be able to draw on that experience to get you through the bad days.

Thanks for visiting today.
I. M. Stiver

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