Disclaimer conversations are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. Is it worth it to you to conform or change?

   I would like everyone reading, or listening to this article to understand a few things. Therefore here are my disclaimers.

  It is not my intention to offend anyone with my point of views. I do not intend to cause hard feelings or strong emotions by the words I use.  Let it be known that I take full responsibility for my ignorance of all the politically correct terminology. 

   If I happen to ask a question, it is just that, a question. Please do not imply that I am judging or chastising when in fact I am just being curious.

   I am not trying to insight a riot if during a conversation I say your ethnicity, religion, or sexual preference. 

 Please understand that I am human. Sometimes I do say the wrong word in a conversation. If this happens, please interpret what I mean, not what I said. 

  I make mistakes. I have no cold calculated plan to cause you mental or physical harm.  Your freedom of being the person you want to be will not be in jeopardy because I mis-spoke. 

   With all of that being said, my pondering is:

Why is it in today‚Äôs society can we not have a candid conversation between family and friends anymore? 

   Disclaimer conversations have infiltrated every aspect of my life. When talking with, or answering questions from my spouse, parents, or even friends I have to be cautious. It just gets exhausting to have your guard up at all times.

Generally speaking I don’t think people are intentionally trying to verbally offend anyone. It’s just that we as a society have become emotionally soft. We can not handle the fact that someone else has a different opinion.

My view on this, (and here is my disclaimer) and only my view is that we have to come to an understanding. Different people will have different thoughts. People should never try to take others ideas, thoughts, or opinions away from them.the old adage is correct, Our differences are what makes the world go around. If we all thought the same thing in the same way, it would be really boring.

   Some folks need that interaction with other humans, and are willing to go through the process of disclaimer conversations. Others have the opinion that it is not worth it.  Everyone will have to make their own decision about the subject. That is their right and no one wants to be the one that takes that away.

One day I hope we will not have to make that decision. More importantly, One day I hope we can all accept others for who they are and appreciate their contribution to this world.

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