I will start out by stating that people that have never had a pet, will never understand the love that grows between animal and owner. I use the word owner because some see pets as objects that one possesses, but does not love.

I am not one of those people, I love my animals (dogs).
With that being said, here is my pondering:

Why do some folks ask you how old your dog is and then immediately figure up their “dog years”.  To me this is very hurtful especially when they do it every time they see you.  “Oh your dog is 11 years old, did you know that is 77 in dog years?” “Just letting you know that they aren’t going to live that much longer”.

Do they think that this is a caring act on their part?  Are they trying to prepare you for the death of your pet? Do they think you are so thick that you don’t understand that everything in this world dies?

I would like to tell these people a little secret. We now the statistics, we know that small breeds live longer than giant breeds. We understand that they will only be in our lives for a short time.  This is why we as animal people need to love them all the more. To give them the best lives that we can.

Animals do become our children, our hearts break when they pass. The healing process begins when we go to the shelter to adopt another.

There are far too many animals out there that need love before they die. And we need to love them before we die.

Thanks for stopping by.

I. M. Stiver

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